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How an After-School Education Program Can Make a Difference to a Teenager’s Life

education programs for teens in Chicago

Is your teen struggling with academics? Are you unable to help with school work? Have you considered an after-school program for your bored or under-stimulated teen? There is a wide range of after school education programs for teens in Chicago that deliver a wide range of benefits and set your teen up for success.

Personalized Attention for Better Learning Outcomes

Teens tutoring programs in Chicago are a great solution for parents who are unable to help with school work. Teen tutoring programs are typically offered as one-on-one tutoring or small group tutoring. Teens who struggle with subject comprehension in crowded classrooms have an opportunity to utilize personalized attention and individualized learning experience from a subject matter expert. In the one-on-one tutoring model, teachers customize lessons and teaching methodology just for your teen after they get to know the teen’s learning needs and individual learning style.

Platform for Study Skills

Through a teens tutoring program in Chicago, your child may overcome his or her frustration with academics. With fewer distractions and disruptions, your teen will be able to focus on learning. Your teen will pick up learning skills and study habits that he or she will use as foundation for lifelong learning. Over time, your teen will gain the confidence and ability to do school work independently. If an adolescent has above average intelligence and is under stimulated in classroom setting, a tutoring program can help him or her reach their full potential.

Support for the College Application Process

High school kids need to get serious about college applications. Some students may want to take the ACT / SAT exam for college entrance. There are teens tutoring programs in Chicago that provide support to help students navigate the pre-college process. Apart from helping students strengthen core academics, they help in test preparation, essay writing, college counseling and assistance with applications.

Other Education Programs to Consider

Teen tutoring programs supplement the school academic curriculum and help students overcome learning obstacles. If you are looking for an education program for teens in Chicago to complement academics, there are many programs to choose from. If your teen has an interest in computers, he or she can join an appropriate course and pick up valuable coding skills. Whether a teen is interested in learning more about sound engineering or is eager to participate in an open lab, there are many options in Chicago.

Social and Behavioral Improvements

After-school education programs are a great way to encourage learning outside the classroom. Such programs reinforce existing knowledge and help teens gain a solid understanding of a particular field. Apart from picking up marketable skills that look good on college applications or job resumes, teens have an opportunity to improve social and behavioral skills. Teens get to hone communication skills, form good relationships with peers, develop critical thinking skills and take on more responsibilities –all in a stress-free, comfortable and encouraging environment.

Discovering the Best Education Programs

The best part is you don’t have to search high and low to find appropriate after-school education programs in Chicago. You can simply download the free-to-use Spotivity mobile app and discover tons of programs that fulfill your requirements. You can use the app to discover programs and find the best route to reach a program. Additionally, Spotivity has a parent tethering tool that lets you know when your teen has checked into an activity. Besides the identifiable programming search, the Spotivity app is designed to encourage networking and engagement. You and your teen will have a great time participating in polls and fun competitions.

Ready to get started? Download the app and create a user account – a world of fascinating opportunities awaits teens in Chicago!

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