Online tutoring during the COVID-19 pandemic has seen many forms ranging from individual tutoring to group tutoring, to a hybrid of both with efficient use of breakout rooms. But, as almost everything else is still online, how can a teenager handle the struggles of school work and still be engaged, productive, and getting the most out of online tutoring?

This post considers how applying SMART goals can ease the stress of online tutoring in a remote setting.

Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-Bound goals

Well-crafted goals help to turn visions and intentions into reality. They are the bridges between where you are and where you want to be. A strong bridge is usually built with intentionality and awareness to the purpose the bridge is to serve. Will it be an arch or beam bridge? The intention of your goal must be identified for you to be able to work toward achieving it. What exactly do you want to achieve?


Be Specific! It is always a good idea to have more than one goal in mind, but addressing each specifically gives you order and organization. An example of a Specific goal for online tutoring could be “I want to memorize the first 20 elements on the Periodic table.”


Purpose comes with being able to measure your goals. Making sure your goal is measurable and identifying how you would do this facilitates goal progression. Tracking your goal with an app or a calendar can fulfill this aspect of goal planning. For example, if a teen has a goal related to discovering their passion, the spotivity app is a good app to track progress in this regard. The app allows you to earn points when you check in at your activity, post your progress on social media, contribute to the Teen Forum, or refer friends or parents to spotivity. Earned points can be redeemed in the rewards store.


Actionable goals give you focus. There are particular tasks you will perform when fulfilling actionable goals. Consider the goal to ‘benefit from online tutoring’ vs. the goal to ‘make at least one friend in your online tutoring group.’ The former is just a simply vague goal in contrast to the latter in which you have the particular task to make a friend perhaps by unmuting your microphone and talking to the group.


Achieving online tutoring goals and goals in general is easier with motivation. Motivation comes from being realistic with yourself. Everyone knows their needs and style of learning. Educational goals that do not consider your needs for learning will turn out to be unrealistic and likely unattainable.


A Time-Bound goal gives a teen commitment. Dedication is easier and you are more equipped to keep following up with your goals if they are time-bound. An example of a time-bound goal is “I will write the first paragraph of my essay by 8:00pm today”.

Putting all these together in the context of online tutoring may look like setting a weekly goal for your online tutoring.

Communication and Responsibility

For a teen to successfully achieve their goal and get the most out of online tutoring, communication is important. You need to be able to communicate with your tutor areas where you are struggling or will like more challenge. This also speaks to responsibility as you take control of the outcomes of your time in online tutoring. As you understand your tutor’s expectations you can also help your tutor understand what your goals are for tutoring through effective communication. It is also important to keep your support system informed of your goals. They can encourage you at times when you need motivation and keep you accountable.

About Spotivity

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