Enhance Your Productivity with Effective After School Activities using Spotivity- for Teenagers

01 Feb 2021

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

The Spotivity application boasts an array of features for teens  that will help you find the perfect engagement opportunity either in an in-person or virtual setting.

Check out the following features:

1. Intuitive application desig




Five Tips to Help You Land a Remote Internship in the Age of COVID-19

26 Jan 2021

In the age of COVID-19, finding a remote internship can be difficult but it is not impossible.




Five Tips to Help You Land a Meaningful Internship in Chicago

07 Jan 2020

Internships are an excellent way for high school students to gain work experience. They aid students in their college application presentation and sets them up for long-term career success. However, finding the right internships or jobs for teens in Chicago is not so easy.  Many organizations that provide opportunities are hard to identify. Thankfully, things are changing. As organizations realize the value that teenagers bring to their line of work, opportunitie


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