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The Spotivity application boasts an array of features for teens  that will help you find the perfect engagement opportunity either in an in-person or virtual setting.

Check out the following features:

1. Intuitive application design

2. Reward leaderboard points upon successful engagements

3. Interactive map and navigation system

Made for Any Interest

Spotivity provides for a wide spur of after-school activities for teenagers like sports, arts, education, mentoring, internships, jobs, health programs, camps, and volunteer opportunities. It builds up a network of like-minded individuals with the help of a dynamic engagement platform. It helps you find after-school programs  through its intuitive application design. In accordance with your area of interest, you can choose from an array of different options and get rewarded for successful engagements.

Finding good after-school activities that can be done online is also made seamless with an efficient map system featured on the Spotivity app. You are able to sort opportunities based on the distance you have to travel from your home.

Adding Activities can Boost your Mental Health

But what exactly was the need for building a platform for people to ask the question: where can I find after-school activities and programs near me and online? After-school activities are usually a forum for students to have a voice in a less-structured but respectful environment. Even more with COVID-19 restrictions, after-school activities help students have interactions with their peers in social settings while keeping safe. Engaging  in fun after-school activities anytime and especially during COVID-19 restrictions encourage peer-to-peer interactions that promote not only social but also mental health.

Discover some of these activities:

Summer internship opportunities provide an array of benefits which can help you considerably in the future. Productivity is an individual’s capability to complete a given task with utmost efficiency. It usually involves reaping a healthy result. After school summer programs help in increasing productivity by exposing you to a world where your responsibilities are important for the collective result of your team.

Art programs for teens is a great way to get your mind off from the regular routine and improve art skills that can act as an added advantage if you already have an inclination towards art.

Education programs for teens is a great way to increase your knowledge in a fun and unique educational environment. You can achieve this with the help of after-school tutoring programs or summer vacations are for some considered to be the best time to complete the syllabus and get an academic head start. Summer education programs can help you get a better idea on the subject of study and eventually contribute to better academic performance.

Teens mentoring programs in Chicago contributes to honing your skills and enhancing your knowledge spectrum of teens in a practical environment to make you future-ready.

Jobs for teens  is something that is desired by every growing teenager and engaging in this form of after-school activities help in improving the chances of procuring a job later in accordance with your skill set.

About Spotivity

Be #neverbored again by using the spotivity app and find activities that fit your needs.  We help you find programing that can lead to your passion.  Whether that is an art program to practice graffiti, a sports program to engage in competition, an education support class to improve your grades, or just finding someone to talk to – spotivity has your back.  Backed by research and continually informed by users, spotivity is the tool to help you unlock your world and expand the list of options you can take advantage of.  

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