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  • 05 Dec 2019
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Two Highly Effective After-School Opportunities for High School Students

Two Highly Effective After-School Opportunities for High School Students

Afterschool programs were once seen as luxuries but are now considered essential for the overall development of a teenager. They enhance academic performance, support healthy habits and foster positive emotional and mental development. Physical and emotional maturity are priceless skills that can serve a teen far into the future. Let’s take a look at two viable options for your high schooler.

Innovative Education Programs

There are education programs for teens in Chicago that provide instruction in new areas of skill and training. For example, programs could relate to STEM fields, creativity and imaginative drawing as well as robotics. Many classes now teach engineering tech, 3D printing and modelling, Young people are always on the lookout for stimulating and engaging activities. Education programs for teens in Chicago are designed to engage and challenge them in order to build leadership, decision making and rational skills. Being in the company of adult role models who teach, train, facilitate and mentor is a great way for young people to find role models that they can look up to. By facilitating a positive relationship, better learning outcomes can be expected. Students who enroll in education programs tend to excel in their academics in school and learn skills that will help them in the long run.

Practical Internships

Apart from education programs, internships are another great option. An internship is a job that lasts for a short period of time and primarily helps a student gain experience, learn skills and to gain exposure to a real job environment. These practical skills can become a strong foundation which will help with future jobs. Internships for high school students can vary from full time, part time, paid or unpaid. They are designed for students and college graduates who have little or no experience at all. As an entry level employee, students can be involved in different kinds of roles with various clients at various locations. Usually a boss, supervisor or mentor is responsible to guide and nurture and make sure the teen is comfortable.

Internships for high school students offer a practical approach to many academic subjects and topics. The opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and hands-on experience is a low risk way to find out about different career options and find one that the student is interested to pursue further. It gives them a glimpse into the nature of work and what it really involves, including handling stressful situations. Finding out where their strengths lie early on and improving on weaknesses can transform teens and help them make informed decisions in the future. Internships for high school students also look good on college applications. It portrays the teen as one who is motivated, inspired, committed and always looking to learn new things. Colleges are always looking for young people who challenge themselves and are equipped with additional skills. Finally, internships are a good way to earn money which can be invested or saved for college. It reinforces the relationship between education and earnings.

These are two important ways in which time can be effectively utilized after school. Whether it is through education programs for teens in Chicago or internships, teens who are consistent, hardworking and proactive will succeed in future endeavors. They will learn technical and business skills and have the capability to handle a real-life work situation with ease.

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