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06 Feb 2020

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Use Expert Guidance and Support the Teenage Years with a Structured Mentorship Program

09 Jan 2020

The teenage years are a time of significant vulnerabilities and challenges. During these years, it helps to have an understanding, supporting adult mentor. However, not all teens have access to positive adult help and guidance due to various reasons. In such situations, structured teenage mentoring programs in Chicago can help bridge the gap between requirements and expectations. 

Limitations of Informal Ment




Building Balanced Individuals Through Afterschool Mentoring Programs

11 Dec 2019

When it comes to after school activities for teenagers, there are a wide range of resources and strategies to encourage and promote emotional, physical and social development in teens. Mentoring is one such program type that is known to make a very positive impact in the lives of students.

Need for Mentoring Programs

After school activities for teenagers &


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