Two Highly Effective After-School Opportunities for High School Students

05 Dec 2019

Afterschool programs were once seen as luxuries but are now considered essential for the overall development of a teenager. They enhance academic performance, support healthy habits and foster positive emotional and mental development. Physical and emotional maturity are priceless skills that can serve a teen far into the future. Let’s take a look at two viable options for your high schooler.

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How an After-School Education Program Can Make a Difference to a Teenager’s Life

24 Sep 2019

Is your teen struggling with academics? Are you unable to help with school work? Have you considered an after-school program for your bored or under-stimulated teen? There is a wide range of after school education programs for teens in Chicago that deliver a wide range of benefits and set your teen up for success.

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Enhance Your Productivity with Effective After School Activities for Teenagers in Chicago with Spotivity

13 Aug 2019

Spotivity application gets together an array of features for teens as well as parents that’ll help them find the perfect engagement opportunity:

1. Intuitive application design

2. Reward leader board points upon successful engagements

3. Interactive map and navigation system

4. Monitoring options for parents upon their ward’s successful check-in

Spotivity provides for a wide spur of after-school act


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