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Internships are an excellent way for high school students to gain work experience. They aid students in their college application presentation and set them up for long-term career success. However, COVID-19 has upended many in-person internships; making it difficult for high school students to identify potential internship opportunities. Yet, many companies have reverted to virtual internships in efforts to extend these job opportunities to high school students. Although the job search may look different, it is never too early to search for remote internships. Here are some tips to help you find meaningful remote internships while in high school.

Start by Identifying Your Interests

Looking for internships can be challenging without the proper foundation. Prior to the job search, start off by identifying your interests. What are you most passionate about? What is an activity you can spend hours on and never get tired of? If you do not have a strong grasp of your future career focus, that’s okay! Make a shortlist of topics that you find exciting and determine the amount of time you will be able to dedicate to an internship. This will help narrow your search to find a suitable remote internship program. If you do not know where to start, take this fun interactive Find Your Passions Quiz to help get you started.

Popular Ways to Find Internships

After listing out your interest, it is time to begin the internship search. In the age of COVID-19, finding a remote internship can be difficult but it is not impossible. When searching for a remote internship opportunity, it is important to research creditable internship providers such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. You can also use Google search to search for programs based on keywords or location. For example, you can type in “remote internships for high school students 2021” or “virtual internships for teens” to maximize your internship search. Staying connected and building a network with past employers, teachers, family, and friends, can give you a leg up in obtaining potential internship leads. Contacting your high school academic advisor about upcoming virtual internships or career fairs. Furthermore, you can make use of social media apps such as Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook for up to date virtual internships.

Mastering your Communication Game

Given the nature of the remote internship process, knowing how to reach out to people professional is an important skill for high school students to master. Prior to reaching out to a potential remote internship program, think about how you can add value to the corporation. Remember, first impressions make a lasting impression. Engaging in unsolicited outreach such as sending emails to potential hiring mangers shows grit and can build your creditability to job recruiters. Be sure to communicate your intentions for applying while maintaining a professional disposition. Your first interaction can set the tone for your future in said internship. In efforts to become a communications expert, be sure to: Draft emails before sending them to job recruiters, have multiple back up plans, and do not indulge in falsehoods or lies while building a pitch for yourself – keep it honest but creative.

Be Clear About Personal Expectations

Remote internships look different for different people. Some people enjoy paid internships while others participant in unpaid internships. No matter which one you settle one, every high school student has the opportunity to acquire the necessary job experience for the future. Not all virtual internships for high school students come with a paycheck. If payment is essential for you, focus on programs that provide it. Otherwise, look for programs that could be rewarding in other ways. For example, some positions allow you to gain independence and/or practical work experience. Look into getting certified in a specific field of study. Free courses can be found on Coursera for starters. You may also take incentive and start your own campaign or activity that will make you stand out for the rest of your high school peers. Overall, internships are an excellent opportunity to develop or refine skills as well as figure out your interests and work style. Virtual Internships are also an opportunity to network with industry professionals who may be able to help you along your career path.

Have a Clear Goal in Mind

Remember that every internship is a learning experience. Therefore, look for opportunities where you can learn new skills or develop existing ones. At the end of the program, you should be able to evaluate and see a marked difference in your learning curve during the internship. Identify programs that will provide opportunities and a challenge, so your capabilities and strengths are put to the test. A rule of thumb would be to follow the 3 P’s for success: Patience, Persistence, Positivity. Although the internship search can be particularly challenging, these programs are steppingstones to your career success in the future. Be sure to follow the tips outlined in this article to make the best out of your virtual internship search. Get started right away as an internship can add significant value to your resume and the trajectory of your high school care

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