Why Should Teens Consider After-School Creative Arts Programs?

23 Sep 2019

Due to budget cuts and other reasons, high schools in Chicago are slowly eliminating art activities from their curriculum. However, visual and performance arts are vital for holistic education and provide a wide range of benefits to teens. In such a scenario, summer camps and after-school teens’ art classes are an effective solution to bridge the gap.

Platform for Freedom of Expression

Visual arts programs for drawing, sketc




Nurture Talent and Gain Valuable Skills through Teen Arts Programs in Chicago

12 Aug 2019

Have you considered enrolling in a teen arts program in Chicago? Participating in creative arts programs –visual or performing – can have many positive effects that go beyond self-expression. The below-mentioned benefits deserve your attention and could open doors to amazing opportunities.

Platforms for Self Expression

Teen arts programs in Chicago offer platforms for youth to express themselves in positiv


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