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Art is too often overlooked. The majority of parents today correlate success with academics. A great emphasis is placed on GPA, SAT/ACT score, exam grades, etc. Many times, parents fail to recognize the creativity within their child. Nurturing creativity is equally as important as excelling in academics. After school art programs should be strongly encouraged because they provide a pathway of expression for teens and build essential life skills early on.

Finding an Outlet Through Art

Art programs are a creative and fun outlet for students to release stress amidst the academic pressures they face. In our chaotic world today, teens may be experiencing the stress of the current events, such as COVID-19, BLM, or any political tensions. Art programs, whether it be drawing/painting lessons or performance arts, provide an outlet for this built up tension and stress for teens. Engaging with art programs will allow teens to express their creativity and live a more stress free life.

Building Valuable Skills From the Start

It is never too early to start building the skills that will make you a valuable candidate in the job market. Through after school art programs, teens gain a wide variety of transferable skills for the workforce. Some of these skills include but are not limited to, teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills. By developing these skills early on, teenagers are able to reach their maximum potential and become a strong applicant when applying for jobs or internships. Art programs can open more doors than you may think.

Reassessing Art Programs Amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 has shifted the way we live all together. In this new virtual day and age, teens are finding themselves slipping deeper and deeper into boredom. The majority of our activities have been adapted to fit the virtual lives we all now live. So what does this mean for art programs specifically? Many after school art providers have followed in suite with the transition to virtual platforms. Instructors have come up with creative ways for students to learn various art forms over platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts. For example, Liz Cohen, a photography instructor, requires her students to set their Zoom backgrounds to an image of their latest work and present it to the class. This method of teaching maintains the presentation, creativity, and communication skills that art programs instill in students, even through a virtual platform. In addition, some art programs are still conducting instruction in person while adhering to social distancing and other COVID-19 guidelines. Specifically, some art program providers ensure safety by enforcing students to wear masks and maintain a limited number of individuals indoors. Other art program providers may conduct lessons for art forms, like dance for example, outdoors. Utilizing the outdoor space allows for more students to participate in these programs and learn these art forms.

Utilizing Spotivity to Find the Perfect Program

Spotivity offers a wide array of art programs for teens. Teenagers and parents can browse the free Spotivity app to find the perfect art program for them. Spotivity is not limited to art programs, as the platform includes programs ranging from arts to volunteer opportunities to finding internships. Users can easily find programs tailored specifically for them and use this platform to find their niche.

About Spotivity

Be #neverbored again by using the spotivity app and find activities that fit your needs.  We help you find programing that can lead to your passion.  Whether that is an art program to practice graffiti, a sports program to engage in competition, an education support class to improve your grades, or just finding someone to talk to – spotivity has your back.  Backed by research and continually informed by users, spotivity is the tool to help you unlock your world and expand the list of options you can take advantage of.  

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