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Why Should Teens Consider After-School Creative Arts Programs?

Teens Art Classes Chicago

Due to budget cuts and other reasons, high schools in Chicago are slowly eliminating art activities from their curriculum. However, visual and performance arts are vital for holistic education and provide a wide range of benefits to teens. In such a scenario, summer camps and after-school teens’ art classes are an effective solution to bridge the gap.

Platform for Freedom of Expression

Visual arts programs for drawing, sketching, painting and sculpture making or performing arts programs for hip hop dance, aerial dance, ballet, theatre, choir, piano playing or participating in a band allow teens to express themselves in creative ways. Too often, teens find themselves unable to express themselves due to various reasons including lack of self-awareness. Arts-based after school activities for teenagers to help teens focus inwards and explore feelings as well as ideas in a safe environment, under the guidance of professional instruction.

Encourage Creative Thinking

In teens’ art classes in Chicago, adolescents are encouraged to think creatively, a skill that will be of immense value long after they’ve left school. Out-of-the-box thinking is required in almost every life situation and teens who participate in art activities are more likely to find innovative solutions due to their solid grounding. Participating in an after-school arts program can also be a huge boost to college applications because colleges are always on the lookout for well-rounded individuals.

Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

Art-based after school activities for teenagers to help develop fine motor skills. For example, drawing, sketching and painting help learners improve hand-eye coordination. Dance lessons are great for improving fitness, coordination, flexibility, and stamina. Martial arts programs such as taekwondo and hapkido lead to better physical fitness and ability to concentrate. In martial arts programs, students learn to focus on discipline, respect for others and self-control. In photography classes, students sharpen vision and develop a keen eye for detail.

Help Nurture Talent and Passion

If a teen has a passion for a particular visual art form or performance art form, then an after school program for that art form is the best way to nurture talent and develop foundation level skills.  Maybe the teen has what it takes to become a new age Picasso or Beethoven – you’ll never know until you give him or her the platform to hone their talent. The best art programs are spearheaded by experienced professionals and students have access to premium learning tools. For example, in an after-school or summer photography program, an adolescent may learn how to use a DSLR camera, use filters, work in natural and artificial light and much more.

Help Build Self Confidence

Very often, an arts program involves a live project that demonstrates the skills acquired in the program. In a dance program, this may be a choreography project. In a music program, it may be a live performance. For a teenager, this can be a great way to develop self-esteem and self-confidence because there’s nothing better than to receive appreciation for artistic efforts. Students who participate in an extracurricular arts program are more likely to feel motivated to attend school and deliver better academic outcomes.

Provide Space to Connect With Like Minded Individuals

Arts programs are a healthy and safe platform for teens to engage with like-minded peers. Shared interests and shared participation in events leads to a sense of belonging. Participants become one big family under the mentorship of an able instructor who gives wings to their creative aspirations. Classes are not only fun but also competitive which encourages students to put in their best efforts – in any case, boredom is out of the question.

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