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  • 21 Oct 2019
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Top Ways to Excel during Your Internship

Internships for High School Students

Many parents look for education programs for teens in Chicago and other cities, as they want their children to develop all the right skills and capabilities to help them excel in their future career. While learning from a textbook builds a great foundation, it is equally important to get hands-on training in a realistic environment. This is why internships for high school students are a popular and effective way to help students see the practical side of their classroom education.

However, do all interns excel at their job? Sadly no.  After bagging a great internship, many fail to make an impression and this runs counter to the entire internship strategy. Let’s take a look at some ways in which students can excel during their internship.

Always be on time

This may seem like a very simple tip, but many students fail to understand the importance of punctuality. To make a great first impression, arrive early on the first day and make it a point to always be on time after that. Employers look for people who show that they are interested in their job and who are willing to give it their best. Since most internships are for a fixed period, it is imperative to make the right impression on day one.

Excel at Small Things

Employers who offer education programs for teens in Chicago may need interns for a big variety of jobs and positions. It helps to not be very picky when it comes to learning opportunities. Of course, a student must pick a program based on interest and aptitude, but it is equally important to excel in whatever task is entrusted to them. For example, whether it is creating a PowerPoint presentation for a manager or simply making a cup of coffee for someone- do your very best so your work will speak for itself.

New Challenges

Internships for high school students may provide many amazing opportunities but also difficult challenges. The key lies in accepting the challenge without seeming hesitant or scared. As a student, you can always ask for help or get another intern to assist you but avoid saying no to every challenge, as it will not help you learn in the end. There may be situations where you fail or miss the mark but, eventually, these experiences will also help you cope in the future with bigger challenges.

Take Initiative

There are several education programs for teens in Chicago, but teens who excel in them are those who take initiative and don’t wait to be asked. You may have a lot of free time on your hands. Look around and check with your manager if there’s something you can do. There may be tasks that you can do with very little guidance. Employers will normally give more opportunities to those who seem eager and willing to take them on.

Be Inquisitive

While at the job, ask good questions and learn as much as you can. However, you need to be careful to time your questions well, so you don’t appear intrusive. Find a time when your manager is free and then get your questions answered in a relaxed atmosphere.

Getting an internship, and excelling at it, will help you build professional relationships which will be useful when you graduate from college and need a job. Further, internships for high school students help solidify your college application. It’s important to take this opportunity seriously so that your future is positively impacted by your experiences.

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