Many parents look for education programs for teens, as they want their children to develop all the right skills and capabilities to help you excel in their future career. While learning from a textbook builds a great foundation, it is equally important to get hands-on training through real world experiences. This is why internships for high school students are a popular and effective way to help students see the practical side of their classroom education. After landing a great internship there are some key points to remember to excel at your internship.

Always be on time

This may seem like a very simple tip, but many students fail to understand the importance of punctuality. To make a great first impression, arrive early on the first day and make it a point to always be on time after that.  Employers look for people who show that they are interested in their job and who are willing to give it their best. Additionally, it is good to spend some time at the end of the day talking to coworkers to find out more about what they do. It is good to talk to people you may not work directly with. Since most internships are for a fixed period, it is imperative to make the right impression on day one.

Excel at Small Things

Employers who offer education programs for teens may need interns for many different jobs and positions. It helps to have an open mind when it comes to learning opportunities. Of course, you should pick a program based on interest and aptitude, but it is equally important to excel in whatever task is entrusted to you. As a high school student, your employer will not expect too much from you. The better you do at the small tasks, the more willing your employer will be to give you larger, more important tasks.  For example, whether it is creating a PowerPoint presentation for a manager or simply making a cup of coffee for someone, do your very best so your work will speak for itself.

New Challenges

Internships for high school students may provide many amazing opportunities but also difficult challenges. The key lies in accepting the challenge without seeming hesitant or scared. Be honest with your employer if you have never done a certain task being assigned to you. As a student, you can always ask for help or get another intern to assist you. Avoid becoming overwhelmed but try to say yes to as many opportunities as you can. Try to do as many different tasks as possible. Your goal should be to learn as many unique skills as you can. The internship is not only about learning about your work but also learning life lessons.

Take Initiative

There are several education programs for teens, but teens who excel in these opportunities are those who take initiative and don’t wait to be asked. You may have a lot of free time on your hands. Look around and check with your manager if there’s something you can do. Be willing to do the things others might find tedious. Your employer will definitely note the ambition and be more willing to give you more important tasks as the internship goes on. While you may have any experience, hard work will show your employer that you are passionate about your work. Remember, internships for teens are more about learning than about turning in deliverables. There may be tasks that you can do with very little guidance. Employers will normally give more opportunities to those who seem eager and willing to take them on.

Be Inquisitive

While at the job, ask good questions and learn as much as you can. However, you need to be careful to time your questions well, so you don’t appear intrusive. Find a time when your manager is free and then get your questions answered in a relaxed atmosphere. Your manager and full time coworkers are great resources to learn from. Schedule meetings with your coworkers to learn more about their career path. These should be very casual. While the skills you learn during your internship will help you immensely, the relationships you create are just as important. Your older coworkers are a wealth of knowledge, as they successfully navigated through college and have a job in a field you are interested enough to find an internship. Ask them for advice and how their career path developed. You will learn valuable advice from those you work with.

Getting an internship, and excelling at it, will help you build professional relationships which will be useful when you graduate from college and need a job. Further, internships for high school students help solidify your college application. It’s important to take this opportunity seriously so that your future is positively impacted by your experiences. Some of the keys to excelling at your internship is to always be punctual, start with small tasks and work your way up, and do not be afraid of new tasks. Additionally, be ambitious as your internship will only be as good as you make it. Be willing to do different tasks. Finally, use your coworkers to your advantage. They were once in your position, their advice can be priceless. 

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