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Why spotivity?

It’s simple, Spotivity supports improved decision making.

Working through two very specific needs – spotivity 1) supports your current engagement with your team / activities while also 2) teaches you about yourself and makes the unknowns known – so that the world is your personal sandbox.

Personal Management

Spotivity gives you direct access to your schedule and team/group messages specific to the groups you are already part of. We make communication easy and safe, we help you keep your schedule straight, and give you an outlet to connect with teens all over the world by way of our internal forum.

Personalized Recommendations

Through research-informed connections to your personality, interests, and strengths we are able to provide you with a range of activities and directions that you can take advantage of. Now, you never have to guess at what fits you best and your world of options includes everything under the sun – not just the information your friends, family, or block know about. Let spotivity’s research help you focus your decisions on that fits you best.

Productive teen activities

Find the activities that work for you!

Keep your schedule straight!

Afterschool scheduling
Promoting positive engagement

Safely Connect with Coaches

Better Prepare for College / Career

Preparing for college or career

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We love to connect with our audience. What we are doing is extraordinary, but we appreciate you might want to discuss what this is all about. Please schedule a time to talk with us.

Spotivity is here for you. The integrated Pocket Genie gives you specific insights into activities that track specifically to you. No longer do you need to follow the herd or let guess work rule the day. With the Genie you are now empowered to find solutions that track well with you and your specific strengths.

Nothing is worse than being bored. With Spotivity that might just be a thing of the past! Find the activities that work for you AND those that help address your weaknesses.

With Spotivity now in over 20 countries you can use the internal forum to connect with teens all over the world!

Academics are only part of the story you need to present to schools when applying to college. With Spotivity you can now easily and effectively show your out of school engagement via our afterschool transcript. This file clearly represents ALL the activities you have check-in to over the life of your Spotivity involvement and it can be easily uploaded to online application systems to show proof of your work outside of the classroom!

Parents want what’s best for you – but they can also ride you pretty hard. With Spotivity you now have a tool to find engagement that works for you – all the while giving your parents a reason to give you some space. A win win!

With the embedded calendar function to help you stay on top of your commitments you will now have a clearer understanding of your time commitments and be better prepared to manage your time.

Earn Points and get digital badges and move up on your leaderboards! Yup – we have gamified your engagement! Earn bragging rights over your friends, find others in your shared activities at your school, and see where you stand globally!

Need More Help?
Want to talk with HQ?

We love to connect with our audience. What we are doing is extraordinary, but we appreciate you might want to discuss what this is all about. Please schedule a time to talk with us.

"The spotivity Genie tool - where art and science meet for your benefit."

Benefits of the spotivity Genie tool
The Genie is a proprietary tool that combines our in-app spotivity surveys with science, research, and expert insights to help you on your college journey. You don’t know what you don’t know! Use the Genie to help.

Description of Categories

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Explore your creativity and express yourself through the mediums of visual art, design, writing, music, dance, theater, animation, film…the sky’s the limit.

Social Works
Empowering the youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement.
John Walt Foundation
Emboldening the creative soul of every young artist by inspiring a few to take their dreams and accomplish them.
// Latest Program Additions


Whether you’re a fierce competitor, weekend warrior, or just interested in a fun new way to get your exercise, there’s a world of sport waiting for you.

Chicago Training Center
Chicago Training Center, using the sport of competitive rowing, creates opportunities for underserved Chicago youth to challenge themselves to achieve their athletic and academic potential.
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A part-time job does more than put money in your pocket. It’s the first real step toward adulthood and greater independence. It can also help you focus on the kind of job you ultimately want—and the education it will take to get it.

// Latest Program Additions


If you think creating a new app or building a robot is cool, you’re right. And you’re not the only one: between 2017 and 2027, jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math are expected to grow by 13%. Time to join the geek squad!

Online courses to help students succeed in the real world.
// Latest Program Additions

Summer Camps

Camp isn’t just for little kids. Teen summer camps are a great way to expand your horizons, immerse yourself in learning new skills, and gain teamwork and leadership experience.

// Latest Program Additions


Everyone can use a little extra guidance. Whether you’re struggling in school, need an extra push, or are looking to crush your next math exam, tutoring programs can prep you for academic success. And here’s a pro tip: Successful individuals seek insight and advice from people who’ve been there, done that, and are willing to share what they’ve learned. Find mentors who can help you on your own journey.

Positive role models for African-American males
Champs Mentoring
Offering a culturally relevant approach to developing the mindsets of African-American and Latinx young men ages 12 and up.
// Latest Program Additions


Take a look here for opportunities to explore a career, gain real-world work experience, and make connections that can give you a leg up after graduation.

// Latest Program Additions


Life is better when you give back and pay it forward. Start here to help make the world a better place, and volunteer for a cause or community organization you care about.

Dream Chasers United
Committed to creating healthy communities by preparing our youth to be civically engaged professionals.
// Latest Program Additions


It’s OK to not be OK. These programs offer counseling and support for teen anxiety, depression, substance use/abuse, eating disorders, and general well-being. Take your health seriously: Your future self is depending on it.

// Latest Program Additions

Stay-at-Home Options

The next best thing to being there, these programs let you take part online if you’re unable to travel or to attend in person. spotivity features remote activities in lots of categories so check them all out!


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Blog as a resource

Spotivity publishes articles from various different viewpoints all aligned to helping teens make better and more informed decisions.
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