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If I have a question or support issue what should I do?

If you have a question about the program, points, your profile, etc. please use the ‘Contact Us’ link in the Footer Navigation.

If your question can be answered in the FAQ’s, you may not receive an immediate response so please read through the FAQ’s in detail before submitting a question.

What is considered inappropriate content?

If a post, image, photo, avatar, username or other items include derogatory or foul language, images or are a personal attack on a user, fan, employee or any other person they will be considered inappropriate. If a post is not in the spirit of supporting other users and/or programs, it may also be considered inappropriate. If a piece of content is found to be inappropriate your points and post may be removed. We encourage honest, respectful positive and negative comments but inappropriate, disrespectful, derogatory content, comments and behavior will result in loss of points, possible removal from the social rewards program and removal from any official social media accounts or programs.

What is gaming or spamming?

We promote authentic interaction and gaming or spamming the system may result in no points being awarded, removal of points, removal from a contest, removal of a redeemed store item or elimination of your profile from the program.

If an account with the purpose of gaming or spamming the system is found, it will be reviewed to determine the appropriate outcome. Gaming and spamming the system may include but are not limited to the following:

Opening up a fake social media account: Your account may be classified as fake if the social media account is opened within one month of registering for this program. Social media accounts that have less than 25 followers or friends, that only post about program information and are not used for interacting with friends or other businesses and social media accounts without avatars, names or descriptions all can be considered fake accounts. In addition, an account that only follows the approved program social media accounts or only follows other major outlets, entertainers and other fake accounts will also be reviewed. Please use your official accounts that you use to engage with your friends, family and associates in order to avoid removal.
Posting items with the intent to game the system or that have no relevance to the program: For example, sending a tweet that only has multiple hashtags or mentions multiple users, posting irrelevant photos, posting the same photo multiple times, posting comments such as “go”, “nice”, “wow”, “ha” or other one-worded comments may be considered spamming or gaming the system.
Emailing: If you use fake email addresses, enter an excessive amount of email addresses per email or send inappropriate content may be considered spamming or gaming the system and you may be removed from the program.

What are the limits on points accumulation?

There is no limit to how many points you can collect using SPOTIVITY but there are some cyclical limits on points accumulation to provide fair play for all.

You can find the respective limits on points accumulation in the ‘Points Matrix’ section. Once you have met a respective limit, you will not be awarded points for any more related activities you complete in the given timeframe. Your daily points awarding limit will restart at midnight Central Standard Time.

We promote authentic interaction and gaming or spamming the system may result in no points being awarded, removal of points, removal from a contest, removal of a redeemed store items or elimination of profile from the program. Please read the answer to the question below for some helpful hints on gaming and spamming.

If you feel you did not get credit for points please contact us – we will do our best to respond to all inquiries within 2 working weeks.

I have tried to earn points via checking-in but I did not earn points right away. Why is that?

Another reason your points might not be showing up is because you met your weekly check-in activities limit. Each week (defined as 7 full days) you have a limit of 3 points you can earn per respective activity per week.

I have tried to earn points via my social media posts but I did not earn points right away. Why is that?

Your security settings may affect your ability to earn points. For example, if your Twitter account is set to private we cannot award points for your activity. We also cannot award points if your Facebook privacy settings are not set to public for shares, likes or comments. You will need to make your posts ‘public’ in order to earn points for them. Posts that are shared privately, in messages, in groups, or on a friend’s timeline are considered non-public posts and may not be counted.

Sometimes there is a delay in points showing up on your profile. Points can take longer than 24 hours to appear depending on the social network and usage. You can verify that your activity has been counted in your ‘Profile’ section.

Changing your password, email or username on your connected social media accounts may also require you to ‘Re-Connect’ your accounts to your profile.

Please note: not all social media accounts allow for the needed call-back feature for points to be awarded. Please see the ‘Points Matrix’ table for full disclosure on what social media channels allows for point accumulation.

Do I have to connect my social media accounts to participate?

No. You can earn points by checking in at program sites, taking polls, participating in special points programs that do not require connecting your social media accounts.

Will points or the program expire?

No. Though some promotions and redeemable items might have deadlines for use.

How can I earn points?

Once you have registered and connected your accounts you can earn points in a few ways.

The ‘Points Matrix’ section will showcase all the ways that you can earn points and the rules for points accrual.

  • Profile set up: By creating an account and fully filling out all profile segments you stand to earn completion points (please refer to Points Matrix for detailed review).
  • Social Media Channels: By interacting with the approved social media channels you can earn points. You can find the approved social media accounts, approved activities, points awarded and limits within the ‘Points Matrix’ section.
  • Online Check In: You earn points by simply clicking the check in button on the activity detail page – you must be within .5 miles of the program location for the check-in feature to activate. A maximum of 3 points awarded per 7 day week for each respective activity. A user can be involved in more than one activity and thus accrue more than 3 points a week via this mechanism – but only in groups of 3.
  • Referring your friends: If someone you invited via the referral link registers through that link, you will earn referral points.
  • Special Activities: You can earn points by participating in special one off activities. These activities include polls, one off events and other special programs that will be announced in the future. To stay up to date on all the ways you can earn points be sure to allow for all internal based notification updates.
What are points and how do I get them?

Points are what you earn for checking into activities, sharing updates via social media, and engaging in other point rewarding activities (polls, one off contests, referrals etc…) . They also are the element that determines your status on the various Leaderboards or in certain Contests (if applicable) that may be found in the Contests section.

Points are also what you redeem in-store items in the Reward store (when this feature goes online). You lose your redeemable points if you redeem them for a store item – though use of your points does not change your ongoing status on the various leaderboards. All this information is memorialized in the detailed form in your personal Wallet section.