// September 27th, 2023

Expanding Resources, Opportunity to Underserved Youth

A Chicago man continues efforts to expand resources and opportunity to underserved youth, using an app to connect young Chicagoans to small businesses, NBC Chicago’s Christian Farr reports.

// January 19th, 2023

Spot Your Activity, Develop Your Passion, Achieve Your Goals

How does data and creative thinking super-power teen decision making?
// September 7, 2022

Linking Youth to After-School Opportunities

Making After-School Cool focuses on spotivity, an interactive search, mapping, and education app helping students and parents make the best decisions about after-school activities.
// December 12, 2022

Completed Pocket Genie – Launched!

spotivity, a Chicago-based tech startup has fully launched the industry’s first research-informed decision engine to help teens find meaningful afterschool engagement while also supporting program providers….
// August 17, 2022

Tackling Teen Boredom:
"Build Skills and Raise Teen Self-Esteem"

Montana Butsch, the Founder and CEO of spotivity, talks with Dylan Ratigan about the positives of after school activities for teens and their parents.
// March 10, 2022

Montana Butsch and spotivity: Empowering Youth With Information

Whether you live in a huge city or a tiny town, it’s easy to see that providing children with the opportunities they need to become successful benefits everybody.

// January, 2022

Montana Butsch of spotivity Is Helping To Change Our World

One can never have enough friends — and you never know where you’ll find them. So be creative and think outside the box and you’ll be able to find people that can truly help.

// August 26, 2021

The Fuse Show: Fireside Chat with Montana Butsch

Jim Coleman and Montana Butsch discuss spotivity, the dynamic app which enables kids and their parents to make the best decisions about using time outside of school hours.
// July 13, 2021

spotivity Raises 1 MILLION In Seed Funding Round

spotivity, a Chicago startup dedicated to guiding the youth, recently raised 1 million in seed funding. This funding will be used to support the global launch of the app as it expands. This milestone, according to Founder Montana Butsch, “[took] time, determination, and a long view.”
// July 06, 2021

Wintrust Business Lunch

Chicago Inno‘s Associate Editor Katherine Davis shares the latest news about Chicago startup innovation including Chicago startup spotivity, which is helping teenagers find after-school activities and jobs, raising a new round of funding.

(Find spotivity audio segment at 22:06)

// July 02, 2021

Chicago startups raised $706M in June, minting 4 new unicorns

The Chicago startup, spotivity, which is helping teenagers find after-school activities and jobs, raised a $1 million seed round. The funding round was led by CA Ventures, and will be used to expand the platform to more states and countries.

//June 2021

June 2021 Founder Institute Alumni Milestone Report

See the most recent grad funding news and top media features of the past month, new video founder and investor interviews and webinar replays, as well as a list of the upcoming FI global events taking place the rest of this month in July, 2021.

// June 29, 2021

spotivity lands $1M to help Chicago teens find after-school activities and jobs

spotivity, founded in 2018, raised a $1 million seed round on Tuesday. The funding round was led by CA Ventures, and will be used to expand the platform to more states and countries.
// June 29, 2021

spotivity Closes $1M Seed Funding Round

spotivity is a Chicago-based tech startup that combines location-based technology, social media engagement, and a University-designed recommendation algorithm to create the industry’s first double-sided marketplace platform to help teens find meaningful afterschool engagement …
// MAY 28, 2021

Startup Spotlight

Alongside amazing students, Sage Corps’ programming is powered by game-changing startups — high impact entrepreneurs tackling real problems and building real solutions. For the first Startup Spotlight, Sage Corps interviews spotivity CEO Montana Butsch.
// MAY 16, 2021

Chicago Speaks

// MAY 20, 2021

Montana Butsch, CEO of spotivity talks app business

spotivity is a dynamic SaaS marketplace and platform tool that aims to change the way teens live, work, and play. The audacious goal is to help all young people transition successfully to professional life by their mid-twenties.
// MAY 2021


In order to draw awareness to the platform, spotivity has kicked off its hip hop #MicDropChallenge. Each artist participating is provided with the same beat and lays down a free style that breaks down how after school programs greatly impacted them. This challenge is …
// March 30, 2020

spotivity: Connecting Students to After School Activities

“I wish I knew about that back in high school” is not a phrase spotivity users will have to use. The impact startup that launched in 2018 is a double-sided marketplace to address the issue of access for all teens.
// March 26, 2020

Montana Butsch,
Founder of spotivity

Montana Butsch is the founder of spotivity, a double-sided marketplace that not only supports after school programs to increase enrollment and participation rates but also enables teens and their parents to …
// Marc 06, 2020

How the spotivity app helps Chicago’s youth and parents

Founder & CEO of Spotivity, Montana Butsch tells Jill Hopkins how the app helps Chicago youth find safe and empowering after-school activities.

// FEBRUARY 15, 2020

spotivity Allows Teens to Find Needed Resources Online

In today’s Tech Trends, NBC 5’s Art Norman discusses an incredible app that encourages teens to seek out resources and tools in their own neighborhoods.

// SEPTEMBER 09, 2020

Montana Butsch of spotivity

spotivity is a double-sided marketplace that not only supports after-school programs but also enables teens to make the best decisions about how to use time outside of school hours. The goal of spotivity is to…
// AUGUST 26, 2019

Chicago Startup Helps Teens Find After-School Activities

spotivity, launched in 2018, is a platform where teenagers, ages 13-17, and their parents can search and find extra curricular programs for teens to participate in year-round…
// JULY 09, 2019

Search & Find After-School Programs in Chicago with spotivity app

spotivity founder Montana Butsch is what Malcolm Gladwell would call a “connector” –– someone who’s a natural hub between people of different worlds and affects change by bringing his network together.
// JUNE 12, 2019

spotivity wants to get more kids involved in after-school activities

School’s just about out, the temperatures are heating up, and for parents, that means finding activities to keep their kids occupied. Montana Butsch has built a new platform to help do just that.
// NOVEMBER 20, 2018

spotivity: getting kids involved in after-school activities

Montana Butsch read Education Research Methodology at St Edmund Hall, Oxford from 2002 to 2004. In 2006 he founded Chicago Training Center (CTC), a non-profit organisation offering free rowing mentorship to teens from low-income families…
// OCTOBER 25, 2018

Changing the Way Youth Access After-School Activities

Education is a fundamental element for any youth’s development, but, as most parents will tell you, what happens after-school is equally as important as what happens during class. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to key after-school resources — just ask Montana Butsch.

// JULY 26, 2017

The power of alternative sports for underserved youth | TEDxIEMadrid

The ‘New Normal’, as it stands, is a heightened level of inter connection within groups (social, peer, traits, and other) and how those groups currently interface with one another and the world at large. My work focused on how underserved youth – those most affected by…