Track Student Engagement & Activity with Spotivity

Spotivity is for school administrators and counselors who wish to manage school activities safely and cheaply while gaining never-before-obtained student data.

Is your school trying to develop well-rounded students but outdated software is holding you back?

Use Spotivity to provide the best in-class support to your students while also lowering your organization liability.

With the Spotivity online portal, schools can safely track engagement and compare metrics against their school peers. With the Spotivity app, students can take a personalized test that connects them with relevant in-school and after-school activities.

Now, schools can gain access to the data they need to make better decisions and students can be introduced to activities they actually enjoy.

Why Spotivity?

Track the Activities of all your students

Use spotivity to track all the activities your students are involved in - whether those activities are school sponsored OR outside of school.

Pull Meaningful Reports on all students

Gain insights on your students mental health, emotional intelligence, and positivity quotient - while learning about their interests.


Lower the administrative burden on your staff by allowing student participants to check in to practice / events virtually by their phone. All information easily auditable by staff at their convenience via their online spotivity portal

Keep Everyone Safe!

Ensure that no unwanted communication between your staff and students occurs - and have an audit trail within spotivity in that case there is a concern for bad actors.

Help get your students into college and beyond

Spotivity leverages University Informed research to help give all students actionable information that tracks with them. Use this information in support with your Counseling Department as a helpful tool to support your students explore the world in front of them.

Problems we solve for Schools.

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We love to connect with our audience. What we are doing is extraordinary, but we appreciate you might want to discuss what this is all about. Please schedule a time to talk with us.

No more having to translate signed paperwork to clumsy excels or outdated virtual platforms – now with the integrated app each program participant just taps their check in to every scheduled event. Boom. Done. The parameters of the window to check in are modifiable by you and errant check-ins can be audited by you whenever you feel appropriate. Next level attendance tracking is here.

One on one communication between any adult staff members (or volunteers) and a teen is rife with the possibility of negative liability. Safely care tor the teens in your program, the staff entrusted with guiding them responsibility, and the organization that is supportive of the good work. With Safe Passage Notification all non-transactional messages are shared to teens guardians so communication can remain above board, identifiable, and traceable.

Providing guidance to teens is extremely tough and hugely important. Thanks to the Spotivity Pocket Genie we have a research designed tool to aid in your discussions with students. The Genie is informed by academic research and utilizes a whole student approach to provide non-prescriptive directionally correct actionable information that leads to better decisions with regards to activity identification, college major selection, college choice, and career identification.

Finding out what engages your students outside of school is an important aspect of aligning the education you provide to relevancy the students understand outside of school hours. With Spotivity you will now have the ability to learn what all your students find engaging – from those that participate in Varsity Athletics to those that volunteer at the local Zoo!

The process of applying to College requires a complete story telling of the students academic, extra-curricular, and socio-emotional history. With Spotivity you will now be able to support the traditional academic transcript with a Spotivity Afterschool Transcript which memorializes ALL the activities each student engaged in (by way of their check ins). No more guess work in remembering random volunteerism, practice commitments, or time on the job.

Spotivity helps you engage with each students connected parents or guardians. Through the online portal you can reach out to them directly and engage them in updates, support your fundraising efforts, and keep them part of the ongoing conversation around your institution.

Spotivity offers each school with an embedded Team Store option that provides you an opportunity to sell school merchandise, support fundraising, or sell tickets to events in a directed manner to both students at the school and the general public.

Create a better connection with your current teen roster so that you remove the pressure to recruit high amounts of replacements every year due to high churn. Positive engagement via Spotivity will support the natural growth of your respective programs and lesson the pressure on you to always fill your rosters.

With Spotivity you have the ability to upload video links from YouTube and Viemo to keep your students engaged in a virtual space.

Need More Help?
Want to talk with HQ?

We love to connect with our audience. What we are doing is extraordinary, but we appreciate you might want to discuss what this is all about. Please schedule a time to talk with us.

School Panel

Manage all of your after school programs in one handy location. With Sub-Domain support offered in the event you want specific staff to manage specific programs. (Click image for larger view)

Manage Individuals

Each student has their own portal where you can upload information, files, or progress reports. (Click image for larger view)

Set Guidelines for Check-In

Set the parameters for each program to your specification – locality and time reference. (Click image for larger view)

Spotivity Pricing

Spotivity offers a straightforward pricing scheme to each HIgh School to ensure that you get the most value for your organization. For a yearly flat fee that amounts to $125 per month each school receives EVERY feature we offer and with no limit to the amount of programs you can run.
HS pricing
$1,500 per yEAR