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spotivity Points Matrix

Points are used to determine your status on spotivity’s Leaderboards and in digital badges. You can also use your points to redeem items in the Rewards store.

Find a complete record of all your points and rewards transactions in your personal Wallet on the spotivity app.

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Ways to Earn Points

Create your account and complete all segments of your user profile.
Gain over 100 points just for completing your profile!!!

Simply click the check-in button on the activity detail page. You must be within 0.5 miles of the program location for the check-in feature to activate. If you’re enrolled in one or more programs, you can earn a maximum of three points for each program during the seven-day week. Note: If your parent/guardian is tethered to your account, they can check in on your behalf—but we recognize only one-check in per activity.

Use the Referral link to invite friends to spotivity. If they register through that link, you’ll earn referral points.

Post to the Teen Forum or take part in polls, one-off events, and other special initiatives.

Share your progress with your friends and contacts in your social media accounts.


Digital Badges

Breakdown of Point Values

TypePointsLimit Per WeekDetails
Inagural User50naPoints awarded after basic profile has been created and completed.
Profile Completion Bonus15naPoints awarded after all profile pages have been submitted.
Program Check-In13Maximum 3 points per 7 day week per individual program *.
Social Share Twitter / Linkedin3naUnlimited **
Social Share Facebook / Instagram1naUnlimited **
User Referral10naUnlimited **
Link Social Accounts3naAwarded at each verifiable social media link.
Parent / Guardian Referral5naUnlimited **
Polls (personal insight tool + other polls20naOpportunities will come up for polls and other user engagements.These will clearly state the per completion point total and will be organized as a series of non-recurring one off opportunities.
Forum Posts110Question AND answer.

  * User may be involved in more than one program and, as such, the user can gain more check-in points due to those additionsl relationships.

** See rules that govern spamming / gaming system. Points only awarded for those social media outlets that provide automatic call back to spotivity.