spotivity Pocket Genie

All Empowerment starts when you take control of your decisions. Helping you make better decisions is our mission.

What is it?

The Genie functions like a virtual guidance counselor for spotivity users. It’s designed to provide you with a customized pathway toward your personal hopes, dreams & goals. Best of all, it’s free!

Helping high school students find a college major is an important aspect of the spotivity genie. Choosing a college major is a process that requires careful consideration to ensure long-term satisfaction. Ignoring or skipping steps throughout the process can have a negative effect on a student’s academic and financial well-being.

The spotivity genie simplifies this process, helping you discover possible paths towards success. By analyzing your personal traits and preferences, we cross-reference against a list of more than 250 college majors and provide you with categories of majors that are scientifically proven to align with your interests. Scroll through to find majors that excite you.

Adding it up

your interests
personality strengths
life pathway

The Genie helps you...

// using the right tool

The spotivity Genie tool - where art and science meet for your benefit

The Genie is a proprietary tool that combines our in-app spotivity surveys with science, research, and expert insights to help you on your college journey. You don’t know what you don’t know! Use the Genie to help.

Play to your personal strengths
Learn which activities fit you best and leverage what you naturally do well.
Identify and address your challenges
The Genie can identify programs and activities that take you out of your comfort zone and help you cultivate new skills.
Identify college majors that fit you and your interests
The Genie will match your interests and strengths with more than 250 majors offered by colleges, universities, and trade schools.
Achieve social and economic success
The Genie Identifies areas where you're more likely to become engaged with your work and to find long-term social, educational, and economic success.
// Spotivity's Goal

Empowering teens to be their best!

We strongly believe that all teens want the personal agency to determine their lives. Enter the Genie! The Genie puts you in the driver’s seat by offering recommendations based on your own unique personality and social-emotional characteristics. We use this information, combined with national after-school, college, and workforce data, to focus on activities that are right for you. And if you live in a spotivity service area, we map where you can find these programs near you.

// Why Choose Us

The Genie Difference

How is the Genie different from other recommender tools?

For starters, we don’t charge you –  so you can trust our recommendations are based solely on your best interests.  We take into account the whole person and make no value judgment about the end goals you’d like to achieve. Whether your dream is to be a professional basketball player, an astronaut, a school teacher, or a tradesperson, we care only that you find something you’re passionate about. And we use science to provide you the most accurate information so you can thoughtfully explore all your options. We leave the decisions up to you!

So give it a try! – it’s free!  And you can share this information with adults you trust, because you, your school counselors, your parents, and your advisers can never be armed with too much smart information.

  • 01. Challenges
spotivity, in partnership with Utah State University and IMSA Academy, is improving each of these areas thanks to a ground-breaking approach to research and unparalleled free app delivery system.
  • 02. Solutions
Using polls to help identify options. Use Spotivity to learn more about yourself, and perhaps much more importantly, identify unknown unknowns – those nagging opportunities that always go missed without proper guidance. Spotivity is your tool to uncover a world you never knew existed or you never knew how to access.
Further details:
Less than 10 Minutes

We know you are busy and that filling out forms is not that exciting. That said, in less than 10min you can fill out all optional forms (PIT, EQ, PQ) and let us know your grades / personal characteristics. With this information, the spotivity Genie will be able to work for you!

Your Personal Utility

Spotivity is not a game, nor is it yet another time wasting social media app. Our aim is to be the most useful app on your phone – while making engagement fun, thoughtful, and easy.

Not Clickbait

The polls we ask you to fill out are not mind-numbing rabbit holes of misleading information – but rather are scientifically-informed researched-backed questions whose sole goal is to help you as much as possible, regardless of your gender, background, or personal attributes.

Informative NOT Prescriptive

The recommendations spotivity gives you is not to be considered prescriptive in nature – but rather an intelligent range of thoughtful options for you to consider as you plan your next steps. Decisions are all up to you – helping you make them is what we do.

Based on Science

There is a difference between Pop Science and Actual Science. Spotivity is rooted in Science. In partnership with Utah State University we make all decisions based on thoughtful review of known information. The process is also ever evolving thanks to Machine Learning so over time the recommendations will only get better.

Specific to YOU

No one person is the same and we don’t feel spotivity should provide a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we use a number of different polls to gain insight into what might be the best fits for you. With seemingly unlimited known and unknown options out there – use spotivity to limit uncertainty and maximize your time.

  • 03. Results

Increasing your personal agency and empowerment. Why leave life up to others to decide for you?

Better understand opportunities to pursue.

Help minimize misspent time and money.

Minimize the role that luck and chance might play in your future.

Learn more about the world of unknowns; personal blindspots.

// Common Questions

Need More Answers?

spotivity bases all of its decisions off of research-informed insights through its partnership with Utah State University. Most (if not all other tools) use pop science or assumptions.

Free. Naturally.

This means that we raise questions in a blind manner to remove all possible sources of bias that might give us false information. Meaning, we ask questions that matter in a way that allows us to drill down on actual information that impacts you. Not everyone comes from the same situation, has the same resources, or the same live experiences – we try to normalize for all of those factors so that what defines your reality is actually what we are addressing with our informed recommendations.

Yup. And spotivity is prescriptive. Meaning, we offer a range of activities / recommendations that work given the inputs you give us and from there you start the process of making personally informed decisions. We are here to help you find activities – not to tell you what to do or be.
spotivity is huge on trying as many things as you find interesting. Most of those things you find interesting will probably be things you never thought of before. But, at a certain point you will want to drill down on a few very specific areas of interest and we want to support that. Once you find something you can be passionate about we want to encourage you to be as good at that ‘thing’ as you possibly can.

Changing your Major is always an option. We encourage you to align your interests, abilities, and personality to a Major as best you can. Because we are not prescribing you a Major, you will see that there is a range of options proposed to you. We cannot know what is perfect for you – but we can be directionally correct with options for you to research.

We have included over 250 majors in this version. More will be included in later stages. But you will be confident to know that most of all Majors of study are included in our dataset.

We always love to hear from our users. Just hit us up with an email at and please be sure to list GENIE QUESTION in the header. We will get back to you within 48 hours.


Our recommender system was created in partnership with Utah State University’s Computer Science Department and Department of Human Development and Family Studies. Our Genie is based on literature in education psychology, our own empirical studies, publicly available datasets, previous research studies, and user provided information.