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Project Hip Hop

[vol. 1]

Hip Hop is awesome. So is spotivity.

Put the two together - FIRE!!

The spotivity app helps all teens to access quality programming after school. With spotivity you’11 find activities and ignite your passion. – Montana Butsch
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It's All About Expression

Think you have bars – let us hear them! Hip Hop is a movement. A feeling. A way of being. It is all about expression, personal reflection of life experiences, and an outlet for hopes and dreams – all set to a beat that makes you want to move (or at least bop your head)! Spotivity is all about expression, experimentation, and boundary pushing – all things that track with the Hip Hop philosophy. With this in mind, we merged the two to bring you Project Hip Hop Vol 1.

Check out the artists that decided to rock the mic and lay down some bars in the name of good! DJ’s we got those too – the movement is growing. Download the app, search for programs that could become your passion, and let boredom and lack of direction be a thing of the past.

// our goal


Our goal is to empower all our teen users to be their best. We strongly believe that all teens want personal agency (control) of their lives. We also feel that there does not exist a tool to help support this agency in a thoughtful and unbiased manner. Enter the Pocket Genie ! The Genie supports teen agency by offering personalized recommendations based on your own unique personality and social-emotional characteristics. We use this information, combined with national after-school, college, and workforce data, to focus on activities that are right for you. And if you live in a spotivity service area, we map where you can find these programs near you.
// GOT Questions?

We Got Answers

They find us! Each one involved understands the impact that afterschool engagement had on them – and they want to spread that focus to others through the microphone of Hip Hop.

Big ups to Hip Hop Philosophy Records and AC the PD for the beats!

Oh yes. Participation is key! That is why we supply the beat used FOR FREE! Throw down your best bars and tag us (#spotivity and #micdropchallenge ). Freestyles / DJ Scratches worth mentioning will receive a shout out. And, possibly, win a spot in the next iteration to throw down with other established stars.

Yes! DJ AC the PD is more than happy to spread the love. That is what Hip Hop is all about.