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SPOTIVITY is a dual education and network platform that helps both teens and their parents find meaningful activities after school while also supporting after-school program providers to successfully build and engage a greater population of participants

Leveraging the latest mobile technology, SPOTIVITY has created the first of its kind afterschool marketplace – a place where personal interests can be met and where engagement can develop into passion.


Teen Parent Perspective:

  • Have you ever tried to find a program and not been lucky in your search?
  • Do you want to engage in an activity that your school does not offer?
  • Are you looking for something but don’t even know how to start?

SPOTIVITY answers all of the above questions for you. You can search by proximity, location, type of activity, or by keywords. All options available are open enrolment and you can decide what fits your needs. This system is free for the user so why wouldn’t you use it? PLUS points are awarded for checking in (along with other forms of engagement), a way to challenge yourself and your friends to find activities that fit you most.


Are you looking for a system that can both A) grow your participant base and B) give you easy access to reports, engagement platforms, and revenue generation? If yes, SPOTIVITY is for you. Our Premium Program Subscription Service will allow you to list your program as a Premium Member and, as such, your program will receive countless supportive features that will aid your program. Please see the Terms of Service and FAQ’s for more detailed information on Premium Placement.



Each year, over 40 million American children and teenagers occupy non-school hours, but only half of that number are engaged with afterschool activity. Afterschool hours represent a potential landmine of positive AND negative developmental opportunities for youth. Regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds, in-school time can, at most, provide positive youth engagement for only 20% of the youth’s time per week. SPOTIVITY helps fill meaningful voids of unused time and supports the unlocking of potential through meaningful matching of interest, access, and resources (currently SPOTIVITY lists 6 discrete buckets of activities – Sports, Education, Mentoring, Health, The Arts, and Volunteerism).


Smartphone Apps have become the primary vehicle to the internet and the information it can provide. 92% of teens report to going online daily – including 24% who say the go online “almost daily” (Pew Research Center). Since 2014 Smartphone use among the 0-11 demographic has risen from 29% to 50% and in that same amount of time the 12-17 age demographic has seen a rise from 79% to 93%. These numbers are only increasing. Much of this frenzy is facilitated by mobile devices as nearly 75% of all teens have access to a smartphone.


SPOTIVITY is a dynamic and interactive search, mapping, and education app (and dynamic mobile website) that helps enable users (kids and/or parents) make the best decisions about how to use time outside of school hours. The goal of SPOTIVITY is to maximize after school time for both the targeted 13-17 user and the programs looking to increase growth and impact. SPOTIVITY removes key logistical barriers to entry, promotes positive networking opportunities, while providing a dynamic engagement platform for all. SPOTIVITY solves the boredom pandemic.