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Spotivity is a multi-faceted platform tackling the teen boredom pandemic while creating business solutions to the wonderful programs that cater to teens. We aim to help teens find meaningful activities, their parents to feel good about those activities, and those program directors to feel supported. Spotivity removes key logistical barriers to entry and provides a dynamic engagement platform for all. Leveraging the latest mobile technology, spotivity has created the first of its kind platform with mapping capabilities and personality insight quizzes to create a fully immersive and custom experience for the teens, helping them discover new passions.

Each year, over 40 million American children and teenagers occupy non-school hours, but only half of that number are engaged with after school activity. After school hours represent a potential landmine of positive and negative developmental opportunities for youth. Regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds, in-school time can, at most, provide positive youth engagement for only 20% of the youth’s time per week. Spotivity helps fill-in unused time voids and supports the unlocking of potential through meaningful matching of interest, access, and resources (currently spotivity lists 10 discrete categories of activities – Sports, Education, Mentoring, Health, The Arts, Volunteering, Jobs, Internships, Summer Camps, and Virtual).

Spotivity’s founder, Montana, understands the importance of access and the life-altering role it plays with outcomes. He has spent his life providing alternative pathways to opportunities through the sport of rowing and he has now turned his attention to all teens and the various interests they may have. Prior to spotivity, Montana was the founder and CEO of Chicago Training Center, a major sports non-profit organization which has served thousands of inner city children in Chicago. He has formed extensive ties with Chicago business, philanthropy and government leaders, and has appeared on several high-profile media platforms such as CBS Nightly News, NYTimes, iHeartMedia, and TEDx, among others. As a dual national – US and UK – Montana spent his formative years between Chicago and the UK (Isle of Wight and London) and is married to a Spaniard and has two wonderful twins (Bella and Theo). Montana is a Founders Institute graduate, holds a BA from University of Pennsylvania (PPE Major), an MBA from IE Brown, and has attended programs at Oxford University (read Education Research) and the Kellogg School of Management (Executive Leadership).