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What We Do

spotivity is a multifaceted platform designed to tackle one of world’s thorniest challenges: teen boredom.

- Montana Butsch

spotivity aims to change the way teens live, work, and play. We’ve created a dynamic space for teens, parents, and providers of out-of-school time programs to connect and interact. Teens can explore a wealth of meaningful activities, using our Personal Insight Tool and other polls to discover programs that best suit their interests or needs. Parents/Guardians can locate safe, positive enrichment opportunities for their children. Program Providers/Schools gain useful tools and analytics to help them increase their outreach, streamline communications and record-keeping, and monitor their growth. Our Safe Passage messaging feature ensures program providers can directly contact only those teens who have tethered a parent or guardian to their spotivity account, offering added security for both parents and organizations.

Through a process developed in partnership with Utah State University’s Computer Science Department and their Families in Sport Lab (part of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies), spotivity employs user surveys; native personality tests; college admissions, academic performance, and workforce/employment data; and national financial aid information to provide meaningful program recommendations to teens and parents.

spotivity founder and CEO Montana Butsch is committed to positive youth development. Prior to spotivity, he was Founder and CEO of Chicago Training Center, a nonprofit rowing program for low-income teens. He is an advocate for the key role extracurricular activities can play in opening college and career pathways for young people—especially those from under-resourced communities—and has been featured by CBS Nightly News, The New York Times, iHeartMedia, and TEDx for his efforts to improve college access among youth of color through engagement in alternative sports. A dual national of the United States and the UK and an elite collegiate rower, he holds a BA from University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from IE Brown, and has attended programs at Oxford University and the Kellogg School of Management.