Every year, Summer sneaks around the corner and kids transition from a structured and rigorous school day into months of absolute freedom. Though the thought of having nothing to worry about besides how much lemonade to make for the lemonade stand sounds intriguing, kids greatly benefit from having a schedule. With routine comes responsibility– the golden ticket to growing up– which forces kids to recognize both time management and independence as a new factor in having fun. Camp is arguably the best way for children to enjoy themselves while also maintaining an agenda. There’s something for everybody! Whether you like sports, arts and crafts, cooking, or writing, there is no shortage of programs that will be the perfect fit for you. 

Learn New Skills or Improve Existing Ones 

Camp offers abstract ways to learn and grow outside the classroom– not many schools can offer these sorts of specialized classes. Campers can focus on mastering a range of skills, both tangible and intangible, which will all be utilized at some point in their futures. If your child has a strong inclination for STEM and goes beyond the curriculum offered at their school, they can continue this passion at camp, learning and growing surrounded by like-minded individuals. But the greatest part about camp is how little experience is actually required– you could have absolutely no prior knowledge on the activity and decide to learn it leaving the pressures of grades and evaluations behind.

Build Long Lasting Friendships 

School can sometimes limit kids to a small social circle of the same friends year after year. At camp, however, you have the chance to meet so many different people and establish friendships and memories that you share because of this experience. Broadening your circle helps provide a new perspective on socializing and figuring out the types of people you want to surround yourself with. Building friendships is much easier when you share common interests and experiences with one another and camp can provide you with these people that you never could have otherwise met. Making new friends especially outside of your immediate circle can boost confidence and interpersonal skills which are both very valuable skills to learn at a young age. Your camp friendships can be short lived, or they can continue and grow for years after the summer– you get to choose, and there’s no right answer. You never know camp friends can one day grow up to be your business partner or just simply a great connection to have. 

Mental and Physical Stimulation 

As technology advances and children are mesmerized by their screens all day, it is important to remember physical and mental stimulation away from electronics, too. Excessive screen time can lead to attention deficit disorders, lack of social cues, sleep issues, and suffering friendships or family connections. Summer is the perfect time to leave the screens behind and just enjoy life. Camp is the perfect way to get outdoors or focus on something other than technology– a temporary satisfaction. This may also bring light to a new love for the outdoors or at the least put an emphasis on the importance of fresh air and getting active for your mental health.

Promotes Independence 

Camp is a safe space for kids to learn without their parents attached to their hip. There is no better way for a child to learn independence than with new friends and mentors. Advice from counselors and peers can be more relatable and resonate on a different level that parents can always achieve. Although the same rules of respect and kindness apply, this is the perfect way to be independent and learn from decisions both good and bad. When good decisions are made kids feel a strong sense of accomplishment because it was done on their own and the same goes for bad decisions kids have no one else to blame other than themselves which forces them to take responsibility for their actions. 

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