Sports are probably the most popular high school activity. Not only are they very mainstream and very accessible, but I believe there is a sport out there for everyone. Some more physical people may seek out football or basketball, while more technique-based people will find their talents are best suited for bowling or badminton. Others love to run and find themselves as cross country or track stars. No matter what sport you think you would enjoy, I highly recommend that you get involved. The benefits of high school sports are nearly endless, and I’d like to talk about why everyone should be seeking them out.

Physical Health

The most obvious benefit of high school athletic activities is the physical wellness that comes with it. Working and practicing before and after school every day will be a massive boost to anyone’s physique. Some high school sports such as football or basketball physically use the whole body, which is obviously a great workout. But even non-contact sports, such as swimming or tennis, still give you great benefits and are even more intensive in their own unique ways. No matter which high school sports you choose, you will benefit and your body will be better off because of it.

Time Management

In my opinion, one of the most important benefits of high school extracurriculars is the rigid schedule that it sets in place for you. It keeps you very productive. For example, when I played high school basketball, I would wake up at 5:45am, be in school until 3:00pm, do homework with teammates until my 5:00pm practice, then get home around 8:00pm. After school activities almost force you to power through your work and ward off thoughts of procrastination. You simply don’t have the time to scroll through Instagram or Twitter for an hour. Sports teach amazing time management skills, which is a true indirect benefit of playing a high school sport. To learn more about this, check out this great article about the value of sports in time management skill development.

Social Benefits

As I previously mentioned, after school I would often do school work or other school related activities with my teammates until practice started. We would also go out to eat, talk about sports, and just hang out with one another around our high school. I ended up making friends with a lot of people who I otherwise never would have even talked to. In my opinion, this is truly one of the unsung benefits of doing sports in high school. You spend hours upon hours with the same group of people. Eventually, you will find common ground with one another and get along, even if at first you don’t. Now this can be said about a lot of different high school activities and extracurriculars, but I feel it is especially true when talking about the benefits of high school sports. Through grueling practices, tough losses, and hard-fought wins, athletes become very close. They experience many tough emotions together, which is a fantastic way to bond. There is a reason many athletes view their teammates as a second family.

Lessons Learned

Beyond physical/social benefits and time management skills, high school sports teach many lessons which can benefit you at any point in life. For example, as a junior I got cut from my high school basketball team. I was devastated by this of course, but I made sure this devastation didn’t control me. So, what did I do about it? I signed up for a travel basketball team as well as a park district team with my friends. I found alternative routes to doing what I loved, not letting the judgement of one coach stop me from pursuing excellence. I learned how to get past the obstacles that life will put in the way. These are the kinds of lessons that will benefit people well beyond just high school sports.

Put yourself out there

My experience with basketball is just one of the many sports that you can benefit from in high school. There are countless opportunities for getting involved in high school sports. This article on our Spotivity blog offers great insight to opportunities stemming from alternative sports, rather than just the popular ones such as basketball and football. Truly, the benefits of high school sports, no matter the sport, are nearly endless. It’s time to put yourself out there and start reaping these benefits today.

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