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Meritocracy - a very American story, with a typical American twist

31 Dec 2019

To live and strive in America is a Hustle – the past decade has made this abundantly clear. The Varsity Blues Scandal just underscores the lengths to which some people are willing to go to address that very fact.




Building Balanced Individuals Through Afterschool Mentoring Programs

11 Dec 2019

When it comes to after school activities for teenagers, there are a wide range of resources and strategies to encourage and promote emotional, physical and social development in teens. Mentoring is one such program type that is known to make a very positive impact in the lives of students.

Need for Mentoring Programs

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Two Highly Effective After-School Opportunities for High School Students

05 Dec 2019

Afterschool programs were once seen as luxuries but are now considered essential for the overall development of a teenager. They enhance academic performance, support healthy habits and foster positive emotional and mental development. Physical and emotional maturity are priceless skills that can serve a teen far into the future. Let’s take a look at two viable options for your high schooler.

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