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Use our personal insight tool to discover something new about yourself and see recommended activities based on your personality.


Personal Recommendations

Use spotivity and the Personal Insight Tool to find your needle in the haystack. Not only can you find options you are looking for – you might just find the activity you never knew you were missing. The personal insight tool works by asking key questions about your personality – via a paired down version of the 5 Factor Personality Test Traits. In short, this allows us to gain insight into why you may react differently than others in similar situations.

As a result, you could:

  • Find out that Team based sports could be your jam – and ultimately find rowing and become the next rowing champion who ultimately receives a full scholarship.
  • Discover that the arts work well with you and subsequently ignite a passion for painting, which would lead to interest in graphic design and website creation.
  • Find your next best friend– Friends share common interests!



Find activities and programs near you with our dynamic map feature.


Explore, Browse, and Learn

Find activities and programs near you with the spotivity dynamic map.

  • Filter by location, activity type, keyword, season, and time of day.
  • Easily navigate a program’s schedule, pricing, contact information, team store, and website right from the app.
  • Our Internal navigation connects you to your location via foot, public transportation, or car.
  • Favorite locations so there’s no need to search for them again.
  • Use the personal insight tool and let spotivity help you find something you genuinely enjoy.

Challenge yourself


Move up in the leaderboards by checking in and engaging on the platform.


Leaderboard Rankings and Digital Badges

Earn bragging rights by being involved. By checking in to your programs, sharing insights, and engaging on the platform you rocket up the leaderboards and gain digital badges. Your involvement goes beyond finding programs.

  • Every time you check in, post progress on social media, or refer friends or parents, you gain points.
  • By earning points, you improve your ranking
  • There are 11 badges in total ranging from new membership all the way to platinum.
  • Compare your ranking to your personal contacts, teens at your school, or the overall spotivity community.

Stay connected


Our platform is best enjoyed through the app. Ditch the laptop and explore, check-in, and buy merch through the team store.


Always On Hand

Google is great, but searching for things to do in your area doesn’t always yield good results. Your school might offer some activities but those options are limited. At spotivity, we’ve done the work so you don’t have to- with 3,000 programs (and counting) to choose from ranging from sports to mental health.

Download the app today and:

  • Easily map and filter things to do near you.
  • Learn something new about yourself with the personal insight tool.
  • Move up in the leaderboards and see how you compare to your friends.
  • Help your parent/guardian relax by tethering your accounts. (they’ll see when you check in)