Amplify Your
Program's Outreach

The spotivity platform helps your program lower liability, improve engagement, grow your outreach and generate income.


Increase your Visibility

Leverage spotivity to market and manage your programs, build your enrollment, communicate safely and directly with teens and parents, and generate revenue via your dedicated Team Store.

Parents & Teens

Connect with thousands of spotivity members and their parents.


Join a network of 3,000+ providers offering after-school and summer programs.


Support your students and their parents with our easy to use administrative & counseling tool.


How spotivity can help you.

Whether you’re an emerging agency, an established provider, or a school network/membership organization, spotivity offers a suite of features that will help you:
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Strengthen Your Marketing
Our interactive map/search tool displays your logo, location, activity description, schedule, website, and contact information. Want more? Upgrade to a Starter or Pro package to additionally upload promotional videos and earn the opportunity to verify your organization and programs. Verified listings are highlighted throughout spotivity’s platform and show up first in user searches.
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Track Your Attendance
Your Director Dashboard will automatically populate with real-time check-ins from members who attend your programs. You can also review attendance trends via spotivity’s daily, monthly, and yearly reports.
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Increase Your Income
Set up your Team Store page to sell classes and program-related merchandise through spotivity—for a fraction of transaction costs on other platforms.
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You’re a Safe Space for Teens.
(Starter and Pro only)
To sign up for a Starter or Pro package, you must submit a current letter of good standing and have at least one staff member who’s qualified as a mandated reporter. These requirements assure teens and parents that your program will look after each participant.
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Support Remote Programming
(Starter and Pro only)
Our in-app video connection facilitates uploads to Vimeo and YouTube, enabling you to run your program online if needed. Program participants can directly access any saved video lessons through spotivity's user app.
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Streamline Your Recordkeeping
(Starter and Pro only)
Teens and parents can enroll, pay, and submit any necessary paperwork through the spotivity platform. We also offer connection to your programs cloud storage, enabling you to keep all key documents in one place.
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Connect with Your Community
(Starter and Pro only)
Send program reminders or updates to your participants and their parents/guardians through spotivity’s Director Dashboard. We offer multiple messaging tools including push notifications and SMS. You’ll also receive virtual points you can use to reward spotivity members taking part in your programs.
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Learn What Your Participants Think
(Starter and Pro only)
spotivity shows you when members “favorite” your program. Additionally, teens and parents can submit reviews to our crowdsourced Rating feature, so you can see how your program ranks among others in your discipline. You can also use the Director Dashboard to poll your users or engage them on important topics.
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Ensure a Safe Space for Your Program
(Starter and Pro only)
spotivity’s unique Safe Passage messaging feature protects against inappropriate communications. Safe Passage prevents any organizational or program staff from sending informal messages to teen accounts that are not tethered to a parent or guardian. We ensure responsible adults see all messages between you and your participants.
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Monitor and Analyze Your Program Data
(Pro package only)
Use spotivity’s detailed reporting capabilities to see how much your program has grown in size or revenue, and view trends in participation and attendance.

What type of organization are you?

Pricing starts at zero if you are an emerging organization. Regular plans start at $75/month (for up to three programs per Provider).
* Plans are not impacted by head count – enroll your organization no matter how many are part of it – we only charge by independent program.
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