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Spotivity was born out of the ever-present and impactful pain point that is the problem in finding meaningful out of school engagement for the teen market.


Spotivity is a dynamic and interactive search, mapping, and edtech app that helps enable users (teens and/or parents) make the best decisions about how to use time outside of school hours. The goal of spotivity is to a) maximize afterschool time involvement for the targeted 13-17 user and b) support the agencies looking to increase growth and engagement metrics. Organizations that run afterschool activities all have a need to drive high rates of participation with an accompanying low churn rate season to season. This must be accomplished while also providing safe spaces and ensuring communication best practices. Spotivity is the solution. We help provide revenue generation opportunities (via a team store), access to new networks for potentially interested teens (thanks to our recommendation engine), and an easy way to leverage the internal network effect of connected participants and their tethered guardians. At spotivity we say “All empowerment starts when you take control of your decisions. Helping you make better decision is our mission.” This is true for both the teen user AND the agencies that provide their programming. Become a member agency today.

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