Teens make life altering decisions every day. Decision making and problem solving is an extremely important life skill and individuals who are able to evaluate a situation and make a good decision are more likely to become successful in life. Yet, many adolescents find themselves struggling to make healthy decisions. But what exactly makes a decision a particularly effective one? In this article, we will discuss factors that contribute to adolescents’ career decision making, and concepts teens should keep in mind during the decision-making process.


One of the most important factors a teenager should consider before making a decision is contemplating on their area of interest. Having a particular interest keeps teens engaged in a medium they can frequently enjoy, has the power to drive learning, and transforms them to high achieving critical thinkers. Professor Paul Silvia of the University of North Carolina describes interest as an “a cognitive state and an affective state. Interest is a knowledge emotion. The feelings that characterize interest are overwhelmingly positive: a sense of being energized and invigorated, captivated and enthralled.” Having an interest in a specific type of activity can influence teens’ academic, professional, and personal choices. It is important that teens are exposed to a range of topics that can drive their passions in the hope that they find something they can resonate with. Getting engaged with after school activities such as creative art programs, internships, sports, and recreation. Teens should prioritize exploring what drives their curiosity in order to make effective decisions.


Where do you start when choosing a career? Successful career planning requires teens to be proactive and conscious of the path they want to follow. Before deciding on any job or an educational institute, a teenager should keep in mind how they want any respective decision to impact their growth. One thing to note is that the career decision making process is ongoing throughout a teen’s professional life. The job market is constantly changing. In the last year, emerging careers such as green/renewable energy occupations and health care jobs have catapulted. Are teens aware of the prospects behind these career paths? What makes them significant in our modern era? Non Traditional career paths such as self employment and going into the military are often overlooked. When teens invest time to figure out their future prospects, they will be able to  yield a healthy growth return. 

Monetary Benefits

Should you choose a job you love or one that pays? Can you manage both? There is no doubt that this question causes a lot of internal stress. Money helps us to achieve our goals and supports our desires. For some, having a job that pays well and fulfills their passion can be congenial. However, there is a downside to pursuing a career that you have no interest in that pays well. Money is a powerful asset in our modern day, yet, choosing to chase money often comes with a hefty price. Many teenagers enter college or the workforce ill prepared on the concepts of money. Therefore, teens should learn how to make financially smart decisions when it comes to money. Working summer jobs, paid internships or freelancing can provide similar benefits to the teens seeking to become financially independent.  


Nothing compares to gaining valuable work experience as a teenager. Spotivity is an integral platform that helps teens gain valuable work experience that helps them hone their skills in a professional working environment. Spotivity allows teens to become better decision makers and more well equipped for their future. Gaining valuable experience at a young age also inspires a level of confidence and boosts the overall morale – all invaluable personal attributes that pay dividends as the teen ages.

The decision making process is an everlasting life skill that every teen should be equipped with.  individuals who are able to assess and evaluate a situation and make a good decision are more likely to reap the rewards in monetary benefits, personal and professional development, and expand their interest. The factors outlined in this article provide only a tertiary view of the overall decision-making process. Making the right calls would ultimately shape the future of the individual. As teens continue to make decisions pertaining to their professional lives, it is important for them to spend sufficient time thinking about what their best options are. 

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