Does your teen have a goal and know the steps needed to achieve that goal? If not, there are plenty of teenage mentoring programs that one can find locally using Spotivity.  These mentoring programs and activities provide a safe and supportive environment where teenagers can connect with mentors to develop skills that further their goals.

How Mentoring Programs Help

With the encouragement and support of a knowledgeable adult mentor, teens have a higher chance to fulfill their potential; by providing a safe and encouraging environment under the guidance of a field expert, teens can take steps to achieve their goals, discover new activities and develop new skills.  Mentoring programs are offered throughout the year – as after school activities for teens, during weekends, spring break and summer vacations. After school activities for teens are a great option if you’re looking to help your teen make the most of time after the bell rings. Being productive in after-school hours greatly reduces the possibility of teenagers taking up risky activities.

Role of Spotivity

Spotivity is a free app that can help one find teenage mentoring and after school programs in your local area in a range of activities from education to sports and fitness.  If a teen is into academics that teen can find mentoring programs that provide academic support to help them excel in their endeavors. Through a program, they can receive personal support in navigating the pre-college processes such as visiting college campuses, connecting with college academic officers, essay writing, filling application forms, exploring financial aid avenues and much more.

Many Areas to Explore

After school activities and mentoring programmes for teens that focus on technology are great solutions to help teens learn about various tech tools and develop technological skills that are required in real-life scenarios. Whether a teenager is interested in learning Excel tools, graphic design, web design or game creation, there are many mentoring programs that provide support. A mentoring program can provide a broad canvas for teens to express their passion, whatever it may be.

About Spotivity

Be #neverbored again by using the spotivity app and find activities that fit your needs.  We help you find programing that can lead to your passion.  Whether that is an art program to practice graffiti, a sports program to engage in competition, an education support class to improve your grades, or just finding someone to talk to – spotivity has your back.  Backed by research and continually informed by users, spotivity is the tool to help you unlock your world and expand the list of options you can take advantage of.  

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