Involvement of Parents in Teenage Mentoring Programs

04 Oct 2019

For parents who are worried about their teenagers, there’s good news. There are effective teenage mentoring programs in Chicago that can help your child in tremendous ways. While after school activities for teenagers is great, a mentoring program may be able to help a child who is finding it difficult to cope with classes and/or friends. This is especially important for children who have self-esteem or behavioural issues. Let’s find out how to set up these meetings so it benefits your child.

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Download the Spotivity App to Discover the Best Teen Mentoring Programs in Chicago

06 Aug 2019

Does your teen have a goal and know the steps need to achieve that goal? If not, there are plenty of teenage mentoring programs in Chicago that provide a safe and supportive environment where teenagers can connect with mentors to develop skills that further their aims.

How Mentoring Programs Help

No matter how talented a teenager is in a particular field, he or she has a better chance to achieve full potential with the encouragement and support


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