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COVID-19 has brought a deafening silence to communities; those basketball courts and youth centers once filled with the comfort of neighborhood bustle are now silent from the presence of a pandemic. Similarly, teens looking for after-school activities for free (typically offered through school) are met with the obstacle of accessibility, while programs struggle to connect with newly-remote learners. Luckily, Spotivity offers tools for program directors to connect with their community for free! Keep reading to discover the 5 unique ways Spotivity makes it easy for you to boost your youth program by connecting with your community during the pandemic, while keeping you and your business’ needs in mind.

1. Experience Encouraged Engagement

It’s no secret that teenagers are difficult to impress; fortunately, Spotivity utilizes one tool that never fails- when they impress themselves! Spotivity’s free, specially-developed assessment focuses on a student’s goals, personality and interests to steer students towards their personal success. The result? Teens deeply engage with an array of tools and programs to discover their passions, offering providers a sense of stability! Individual profiles for program participants bridge the virtual gap, while photo/file sharing capabilities increase user confidence while streamlining data. Even better, Spotivity’s unique point matrix encourages teens to not just sign up, but show up!

2. Directly Influence your Income Remotely

Speaking of stability, Spotivity believes that to #spotyourspot within the community, you need to encourage engagement- that means off the clock, too! Through Spotivity’s free team store page, program providers can sell their club or program merchandise to thousands of teens and community members. Creating community through confidence, merchandise provides teens the opportunity to take pride in those activities moving them towards their goals- providing a platform to programs in the process. 

Looking for even more help with social influence? Spotivity offers program providers a broad range of options to get help when trying to market their programs remotely. A few perks include search engine optimization, mobile alerts and online registration. 

3. Stay Calm, Cool & Collected

COVID-19 bringing you calendar chaos? Never fear, Spotivity is here- with free calendar integration! Spotivity’s free event scheduling support ensures that unforeseen hurdles pre-COVID (like timezones) may be navigated with ease. Even better, the platform streamlines navigation amongst Spotivity members and their parents to ensure all users are comfortable and engaged. With specially designed tools and transcripts streamlining the college application process, program directors are relieved of expectations during the stressful admissions process, so they can focus on the activities that really matter in their day-to-day lives.

4. Access your Unseen Assets

Feeling disconnected from your program’s past success? Re-engage with program participants using Spotivity’s specialized user tracking system. With engrained membership and roster management, program directors are provided communication capabilities previously inaccessible! Find your program’s frequent attendees to reconnect with champions. Valuable testimonials from these champions can build public confidence in your program while directly increasing program revenue!

5. Track your COVID-19 Transition

Program directors face a new challenge, alongside rebuilding business-as-usual: participant safety in spite of COVID-19. Though many programs await the lifting of state and federal restrictions, directors may take immediate steps to ensure future tracking is accurate by using Spotivity’s virtual-sign up feature for both old and new participants. With engrained features such as virtual signature collection, Spotivity’s centralized database reveals unique insight into the needs of your program. Better yet, Spotivity’s centralized notification system is perfect for ensuring you are on top of future messages, contact tracing and more.

COVID-19 brought uncertainty and instability, but your program need not be. Whether you’re an emerging agency, an established provider, or a school network/membership organization, Spotivity can provide a suite of features to help your business thrive. Visit spotivity.com to explore program qualifications and choose a package that promotes your organization’s needs!

About Spotivity

Be #neverbored again by using the spotivity app and find activities that fit your needs.  We help you find programing that can lead to your passion.  Whether that is an art program to practice graffiti, a sports program to engage in competition, an education support class to improve your grades, or just finding someone to talk to – spotivity has your back.  Backed by research and continually informed by users, spotivity is the tool to help you unlock your world and expand the list of options you can take advantage of.  

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